Advice & Price Guide

There is very rarely a right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a window blind. It depends upon personal taste, the room the blind is fitted, the budget constraints and many other factors. We’ve put together this guide to help you find your perfect blind!

Do you want the blind for privacy, light reduction or as a design feature?


We often find that vertical and Venetian blinds work brilliantly for providing privacy due to the ability to tilt the slats to a multitude of angles.

Perfect Fit Brown Venetian Carob Blinds Pearl Copper Vertical Blinds

This allows not only for total privacy, but if the blinds are tilted on a slight angle then privacy is still obtained but the user can still see out and plenty of natural light still enters the room.

Light Reduction

Many people require blinds to darken rooms, especially bedrooms.

We offer a variety of blinds with blackout materials, however in our experience we have found that roller blinds and roman blinds are the most effective.

We have a huge selection of roller blackout fabrics, and blackout lining can be applied to any roman fabric, so there is a huge choice of colour and texture options to darken your room! We can also supply perfect fit blackout blinds and even total blackout blinds if required!

Cordoba Blackout Vertical Blinds in Purple

Design Feature

Many people use window blinds as a design feature rather than controlling light and privacy.

Wooden blinds and Plantation shutters can make a stunning design feature in any room.

Wooden Shutters

We offer these in a huge range of colours and finishes to really add the wow factor!


Roman blinds and Pleated blinds come with some beautiful prints in bright and bold colours that will catch the attention if desired.

INTU Pleated Blinds

Do you want the blinds to control the heat levels?

Many customers require the blinds to control the level of heat in a room, and this is particularly true in a conservatory. They can become boiling in the summer and then freezing in the winter.

Which blinds work well in controlling the heat levels?

  • Vertical and roller blinds with reflective coatings on the fabrics
  • Roman blinds complete with lining
  • Pleated blinds with performance fabrics
  • Perfect Fit Roof Blinds work brilliantly on conservatory roof’s in making the environment more comfortable year round.Roller Dahlia Charcoal BlindsRoman BlindsRoof Blinds

    How much do you want to spend on the blinds?

    Budget is a huge consideration in selecting the right blind. If you are unsure about the cost implications of choosing your blind, as a general rule (depending upon the exact fabric chosen, size etc.) a rough guide to blind prices are as follows:

    • Vertical blinds – £70
    • Roller blinds – £70
    • Aluminium Venetian blinds – £80
    • Wooden Venetian blinds – £100
    • Perfect Fit blinds – £100
    • Pleated blinds – £110
    • Roman blinds – £140
    • Vision Roller – £145

    The prices above include survey, fitting and guarantee.

    Where do you want the blinds to be fitted?

    Again, there is no correct answer to this. However, in our experience these are the best performing blinds for the specific rooms/settings:

Purple Roman Blinds