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Liverpool Blinds Fitting Service

If you’re looking for beautiful blinds fitted in Liverpool, you have come to the right place! We offer a huge range of blinds and window coverings, and we’re one of the leading suppliers in the Liverpool area.

Expression Blinds is a family run business with a wealth of experience in manufacturing high quality window coverings to homes, conservatories and commercial properties in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. Areas include Anfield, Bootle, Heswall, Moreton, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Croxteth and more.

Budget Liverpool Blinds Fitting from Expression Blinds

We offer free, no obligation initial appointments for blinds in Liverpool. You will be able to discuss your blind requirements with a specialist in the comfort of your own home. In this appointment you can tell us your budget, any specific needs, and your colour & style preferences, and we’ll guide you towards the best blinds for you. When we say no obligation, we mean it! Our advisers will not pressure you, and are not motivated by commission. Their most important job is to ensure you’re happy with your choice and service. Once you’ve chosen, we’ll make our durable blinds for your exact measurements, and fit them in a clean and safe way. All of our blinds are high quality, made with carefully selected materials for a long lasting product.

We understand that you want a great value product, at a fantastic price, and so we create a product which is a good balance of both- we do not use the cheapest materials available, as we want your blinds to last a long time, so we choose the best value materials, to create long-lasting, beautiful products.


High Quality Window Blinds Fitted in Liverpool

Transform your room or conservatory with made to measure blinds from Expression Blinds. Blinds really add a new life to a room- why not add the finishing touch with blinds that are colour-matched, or add a new vibrant print for a focal feature that stands out! There are also many accents which you can add to certain types of blinds, for a really unique, beautiful finish. These include tassels, trims and borders.

Our blinds are manufactured to fit all shapes and sizes. This means no matter what size your window is, Expression Blinds can produce made-to-measure blinds that perfectly fit into your window space. As well as looking beautiful hung at your window; blinds provide many additional advantages too. This includes total control over sunlight, shade, temperature and privacy.

We can produce blinds for specific requirements; if you’re worried about damage to your blinds from children, pets, or other sources, let us know and we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

Liverpool Conservatory Blinds

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Conservatory Blinds Liverpool

Our conservatory blinds are created to perfectly fit every window, roof panel and door. We’ll advise you on the best way to suit your requirements, budget and taste. Conservatory blinds are wonderful for many reasons, including:

  • Extra Privacy. Conservatory blinds can be fitted to give extra privacy, and are very useful if you have low fences or overlooking neighbours. You can open some blinds and leave others closed, as per your needs.
  • Temperature Control. Closing the blinds in winter is a great way to conserve heat, and closing blinds in summer will keep your conservatory cooler! You’ll be able to experience a more comfortable conservatory all year round.
  • Stunning Effect. Well-fitted conservatory blinds look spectacular. Complement your style with matching blinds, wooden blinds or contrasting colours.
  • Block Glare. It can be overwhelming on a very bright day to use a computer, or read, in the conservatory. Use your blinds to block the direct sunlight from your eyes, or so that you’ll be able to see your book or screen easier.

The conservatory blinds can be fitted to any sized conservatory, and we’ll measure every window to ensure the blinds fit well. We also have a very wide range of colours & styles for you to choose from, whether you’d like a neutral or wood effect, metallic or bold design. If you’re worried about damage to your window panes, ask about perfect fit blinds! These are great to ensure the least amount of damage, and have a beautiful, tidy finish.

We also sell blinds to fit yourself; if you want to explore our online shop, click the banner below. Our Liverpool Conservatory Blinds service includes fitting, so if you’d like to save yourself the trouble, give us a call!

Aiming to Deliver the Best Blinds in Budget

Using the very best fabrics, we offer a wide range of blinds in different styles, colours and materials for all your interior and functional requirements. Working closely with you on a one-to-one basis, we always aim to deliver the best blinds possible for your budget. We price our blinds competitively, using great quality materials for blinds that last.

Proud to be 100% Customer Focused

Conservatory Blinds In Liverpool

Conservatory Blinds In Liverpool

What sets us apart from our competitors is how we are 100% customer focused. We do not employ commission-based salesmen, and our aim is never to pressure anyone into a decision. We provide advice to help you decide what blinds will suit your needs, and the rest is up to you!

We’ve built a huge portfolio of customers in the Liverpool area due to our commitment to customer service. We carry a vast range of colours, styles and finishing touches to cater for every requirement. When we visit houses for the initial appointment, we bring fabric swatches so that you can ensure your choice matches the rest of your furniture.

For more information or to book your free appointment, get in touch today!