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Panel Blinds

Beautiful Panel Blinds

One of the latest additions to our beautiful blind ranges, contemporary panel blinds are sure to make a huge style impact on your home!

Panel blinds are a variation on the traditional vertical blinds, with wide fabric panels that slide smoothly across on a subtle headrail. The size of the panels make them an ideal solution for large windows, patios and bi-fold doors.

These blinds provide an advantage for large windows which are located for premium sunlight, such as conservatories, as they can be drawn to either side of the window just like a set of curtains. This allows for complete control over privacy, light and glare whilst maintaining the perfect view.

Made to Measure Panel Blinds

When these blinds are closed they create a stunning fabric screen for light and privacy control. However when they’re open, the panels of these blinds stack neatly behind one another allowing for maximum light to enter your living space. They are a very contemporary, unique way to dress a window, and add real beauty to a room. Our previous customers have commented that their guests notice and compliment the blinds.

Panel Blinds a Stunning Alternative to Doors & Walls

Panel blinds can also be used as a stunning room divider. This can be used to great effect in redefining space or acting as a diving wall within a contemporary home. They are often used to separate off shelving or cupboard space which may otherwise clutter a room, for example. In the past, customers have also used them to divide children’s bedrooms, where children must share a room, to give each some extra privacy.

If space is at a premium, panel blinds is an option you should consider. They can act as fabric doors to cover wardrobes or a set of shelves. Panel blinds offer endless versatility options.

Prints, Patterns, Colours and Much More

Expression Blinds are proud to offer our customers a wide choice of patterns, prints and colours that can really add the finishing touch to your room. If you wish to choose something to blend in with your décor, we have warm, neutral tones, and if you want to make a real statement, go for our bright, vibrant fabrics.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect window solution, to maximise space or cover up storage, Expression Blinds will cater to your requirements and create a made to measure panel blind which more than complement the look of your home.

Our free, no obligation choose at home service will provide you with expert advice to ensure you receive the blinds that will perform exactly right for you. We will work closely with you to design your blinds, meet your budget and taste requirements.

Whatever your requirements, we provide impartial advice to customers in Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire, Liverpool and surrounding areas – so why not call today?