Perfect Blinds FAQ

1) Are perfect fit blinds suitable for sliding doors?
Yes and No. We have to be very careful fitting blinds to sliding doors, as there must be enough room for the doors to pass each other with the blinds installed to them. The perfect fit frame sits about 1cm proud of the door, so the general rule is that if the door tilts away and then slides then yes they should be able to be fitted, however if they simply slide across then no they cannot be fitted.


2) What about other types of doors?
They are great for inward and opening doors, and for bi fold doors too. The flush fit and tension in the blinds means they work great on these!


3) Can they be fitted to wooden windows?
Perfect fit blinds require a rubber seal between the frame and the glass to allow the brackets to be fitted. Most wooden windows do not have this, and therefore perfect fit blinds cannot be fitted.

However, we do offer a very similar product called an INTU blind, and this can be screw-fitted to wooden window frames.


4) Do they cause damage to the window frames?
Absolutely not! Perfect fit blinds were designed in conjunction with window manufacturers, with the objective of finding a fitting that would cause the least amount of damage to the surrounding window frame.

Most traditional blinds require brackets to be screwed in place, and this leaves small holes in the PVC. Some manufacturers will not honour the guarantee if the PVC is drilled into. With perfect fit blinds, the brackets are slotted behind the rubber seal on the window, which means there is no damage to the frame.

Moreover, if the blinds are removed, there is no evidence that a blind was ever fitted there in the first place!


5) Can they easily be cleaned?
Yes, of course. With the Venetian style perfect fit, we recommend an anti-static duster (feather duster) which will help to remove the dust from the slats, and for the pleated a roller style a damp cloth and light detergent will clean most every day marks off the fabric.


6) Do Perfect Fit Blinds fit all windows and frames?
As long as there is a rubber seal and the bead depth is no greater than 32mm then the blinds can be fitted. The bead depth is the distance between the glass and the window frame.
They are popular on aluminium bi fold doors and windows, with the new anthracite frame colour adding to the range of options. The minimum width we can do is 290mm, maximum is 1800mm.


7) Are they safe with children in the house?
They are one of the most child safe blinds on the market. There are no operating cords or loops to get caught up in, and the blinds can be lifted up safely out of reach of young children.


8) Are Perfect Fit Blinds suitable for my conservatory?
Yes, we fit more perfect fit in conservatories than any other type of blind. They are brilliant as roof blinds, with a range of shapes possible.

We can supply performance fabrics to control heat and light as required, and the flush fit keeps windows ledges free for ornaments or picture frames. Plus they look great too!


9) Can I fit these blinds to opening windows?
Yes, they are ideal for tilt and turn windows as the tension stops them swinging about when operating the windows.

Small opening windows are fine too, and if the window handle catches on the blind frame we can fit handle spacers to bring it further away from the blind.


10) What frame colours are available?
Perfect-Fit blinds come in a range of different frame colours including; white, dark brown, silver, matt grey, anthracite, dark mahogany and golden oak.

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