Why Property Developers should consider a Blind Specialist

At Expression Blinds, we have been fortunate enough to have been asked by property developers in the past to fit blinds for their homes and houses. For us, this is a challenge in itself, after in-depth consultation with project managers we always find the right balance between the budget of such a project and the best quality products for the needs of the building. In some cases we have had to do this for whole housing estates, it’s a challenge but one that we relish.

Afterwards, we always leave with all parties very happy and satisfied with their new blinds. However, we always ask ourselves why more property developers don’t choose to us or blinds companies for their needs. Here we sample a few reasons why we believe if you are in the process of renovating an old house or perhaps you are building a new estate, you should choose us.

Get the Right Product

As a project manager, you will be in charge of a set budget. We understand this. We have the understanding of the products to know what blinds find that sweet spot between cost-effective and quality. You can’t cut corners when it comes to the finishing touches of your new renovation. The amount of investment that has gone into a home renovation project would be shadowed by the more obvious poor quality finishing touches to a home, like poor quality blinds.

Get The Right Price

It’s important not to go over budget when dealing with a large home renovation project. That’s why ensuring you have someone who knows the products inside and out will allow you to get a wholly accurate estimate. Regardless of the amount of windows that require blinds fitted.

Working to a Deadline

We know that ensuring that deadlines are met are a very important aspect of any project manager’s role. That’s why so many project managers on housing projects we’ve worked with have been so satisfied with our work and have kept coming back to us, time and time again. We have in-depth knowledge of our products and our limitations, we will make sure we will advise and quote for what we know we can achieve to your set deadlines.

These are just a sample of the reasons why we love working with housing associations and why they love to continue to work with us.


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