Bi Fold Door Blinds – FAQ’s

Bi fold doors are becoming increasing popular in modern homes because of the amount of light they let into kitchens, lounges and extensions, and also because they can open up a room more than traditional patio and french doors, making a real connection between the inside and the outside spaces. Because of this, bi fold door blinds are also so becoming increasing popular to provide vital privacy, and light and heat control where needed. Because of the range of bi fold door blinds on the market, it is important to get the right blinds for you. We’ve put together this frequently asked question guide for bi fold door blinds based on our experience over the years to help you in choosing your blinds.

FAQ’s for Bi Fold Door Blinds

  • What are the main considerations I should make when choosing bi fold door blinds?

    This image shows anthracite bi fold doors with noblinds fitted to them

    Anthracite Bi Fold Doors

There are various considerations to bear in mind when choosing blinds for your bi fold doors, but from our experience the main ones are 1) budget – how much do you want to spend on the blinds? 2) fixing location – do you want the blinds fitted onto the doors themselves or above into the recess 3) look –  do you want blinds that have a contemporary or modern finish? 4) Privacy – how much privacy do you want the blinds to provide? 5) Light control – do you want to keep the room light, diffuse the light or remove as much light as possible?

  • I have a limited budget for my bi fold door blinds, what would you recommend?
Vertical bi fold door blinds

Vertical blinds installed on bi fold doors

In this instance, we would recommend vertical blinds. These blinds are cheaper than the other blind ranges are ideal for bi fold doors because there are many different fabrics and colours to choose from, they are great for large openings because the blinds draw across rather than up and they allow flexibility in light and privacy control.

  • Is it possible to fit electric blinds?

Yes, electric blinds can be fitted to bi fold doors. We cannot supply electric blinds fitted directly onto the doors, but we can supply electric roller and vertical blinds which can be operated using a remote control.


  • I want the blinds to be fitted direct to my bi fold doors, is this possible? Can they be fitted
    Perfect fit bi fold door blinds

    Perfect fit Bi fold door blinds

    without damaging the doors?

The answer to both these questions is YES! We can supply perfect fit and INTU blinds that are ‘bead fitted’, which means that the brackets are slotted in behind the rubber bead on the doors, and the blinds then clip onto these brackets. This means that no drilling or damage to the surrounding door is required, and they are easy to removed if desired. These blinds are available in a huge range of styles and colours, and we can now do the perfect fit blinds with anthracite coloured frames, ideal for anthracite bi fold doors which are very popular at the moment.

  • Do the Vision /Night and Day roller blinds work on bi folds?
    bi fold doors with vision roller blinds

    Vision Blinds fitted to bi folds

    We love the vision blinds as bi fold door blinds! They make a stunning design statement, and give so many options for light control due to the double layer fabric. These can also be motorised which makes them very easy to operate.

  • Can venetian blinds be fitted to the doors?

Because of the fact that bi fold doors close so tightly together, we cannot fit standard venetians to the doors. We can however fit perfect fit and INTU venetian blinds, which sit flush to the glass and do not inhibit the operation of the doors at all!


  • Is it possible to fit blinds that lift right up out of the way of the doors?

If this is required, we would recommend roller blinds or vision blinds. Again, if these are motorised then the fitting is much neater as no sidewinders are required.

  • I’m concerned about child safety, which blinds would you recommend?

All blinds we supply now have to be child safe, but we usually recommend the perfect fit and INTU blinds as there are no operating cords. Also electric roller blinds are great as they are no sidewinders hanging down for children to get tangled up in.

If you have any other questions, or would like to find out more about our bi fold doors, please get in touch today!

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